Paul Nas zegt over dit ritme:"Moribayassa is played and danced if a wish is fulfilled The person whose wish was granted, dresses in a funny way, where the (old) clothing is a mixture of all kinds of pieces that really don't go together. He / she dances around the village for a number of times to express the joy about the wish being fulfilled. Children follow and sing the chorus. After the village has been traversed, the clothes are left outside the village at a cross-road(or burned under a tree). Mamady Keďta calls this a womans-dance. When a woman experiances great problems like illness in the family of childlessness she can (only for once in her life) take a vow:"When these problems are over I will dance the Moribayassa"  "

We hebben 1 filmpje van de workshop DounDounSaba van Paulus bij TukaTuka 2010

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